ATTD 2019 - Berlin on a Budget

Berlin on a Budget

Berlin is one of few inexpensive European capitals, meaning it is the perfect destination for budget travelers. With lots of open-air attractions, free tour options and affordable prices for food and drinks, you don't need to stretch far with your budget.

Browse through these suggestions and start planning your trip!

East Side Gallery

The East Side Gallery is the longest open-air gallery in the world, a colorful memorial to freedom. The wall is situated along the Spree river. The gallery is a wonderful combination of the history of the Berlin Wall and an impressive art experience. It is the longest remaining section of the wall and contains more than a hundred political minded paintings.


Holocaust Memorial

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe is situated in the middle of Berlin, close to the Brandenburg Gate, and is an impressive place of remembrance and warning, set up to commemorate the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust. The site covers 19,000 square meters, with concrete block varying in height, creating a special atmosphere as you walk through.

Panorama view of the city

The TV Tower offers a view of the city, but the dome of the Reichstag gives an amazing view as well, and that one is free! Advanced registration is required, and can be done online.


Art & Culture

Berlin is bursting with museums, there are around 180 of them! The following museums open their permanent exhibitions free of charge: the Allied Museum, the German Dome at Gendarmenmarkt and the Anti-War Museum.

The magnificent architecture at Museum Island is a well-worth sight, and strolling the island won't cost you a thing. If you do not want to skip the collections inside, you can save with a three-day pass. For €29, you will have access to more than 50 museums.

Stroll the Neighborhoods

After you've seen all the main highlights in the city, consider going a little bit off the beaten track and stroll through one or more of Berlin's neighborhoods. You'll discover a range of diversity, and see the real, local side of the city. Mitte is the cosmopolitan, typical Berlin, whereas Kreuzberg is more alternative. Charlottenburg has elegance and style, Tempelhof offers green urban space.

Navigate your way through the districts with this map.



The renowned Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra gives a free lunch concert, every Tuesday at 1 PM. If you arrive a day early to for Conference, this a perfect activity to enjoy. The music is free, lunch comes at a reasonable price.

Enjoy the Park

Berlin's city park, Tiergarten, is the main park and offers a peek at the heart of Berlin life. Berliners flourish here in summer while enjoying a picnic or BBQ.  

Aside from green space for strolling, sports, and leisure, the park has several sights. The arts and exhibition center Haus der Kulturen der Welt is located in the park, as well as the Siegessaule, a victory column with the famous golden statue of a goddess on top. You can climb the spiral staircase, and get to a height of 51 meters to enjoy a nice view of the park and the city.



Joining a tour is always a good way to see the city, and to gain more understanding of its history, culture, and stories. There are some free walking tours for you to enjoy in Berlin. For a first introduction and general overview, the New Europe tour is your pick. To see another side of Berlin, beyond the main tourist destinations, go for Alternative Berlin Tours. This tour will show you street art, markets, and underground subcultures.

For food lovers

Food lovers can go all out in Berlin! There are food markets, food trucks and street kiosks all around that offer cheap dishes from all around the world.

The classics

  • One of the classic street foods in Berlin is the currywurst. You can find it in countless stands around the city. Recommended budget contenders for the best currywurst are Curry 36 and Konnopke's Imbiss.
  • Did you know, Berlin has more kebab shops than Istanbul, namely 1,600? It makes Döner kebab another classic, and the one known in Germany, with its meat from the spit with salad in pita bread, was actually invented in Berlin by a Turkish immigrant. You'll find it on every street corner for a budget price.
  • Famous and cheap is the burger kiosk near to the U-Bahn station, Burgermeister. For €3,50, you'll enjoy your meat and freshly made snacks and sauces.

Food markets & halls

  • One of the best organic markets in town is Kollwitzplatz, in Prenzlauer Berg. Over 40 stalls offer food as well as some non-food products, and the market has become a true institution around Berlin. Takes place on Thursdays and Saturdays.
  • The most colorful market is considered to be the Turkish Market, held on Tuesday and Friday afternoon along the canal in Kreuzberg.
  • Markthalle IX runs Street Food Thursdays, an affordable international street food market.

The historic market hall also has weekly markets on Fridays and Saturdays.

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