ATTD 2019, Berlin - ATTD Yearbook

ATTD Yearbook

The ATTD Yearbook addresses a growing interest in the development of new and advanced technologies and devices for the treatment of diabetes which has resulted in numerous manuscripts in medical journals relating to this topic and it summarizes, in a critical way, the most important articles in the field of diabetes technology and treatments.

The content of the ATTD Yearbook 2019 will be available free on line via the ATTD2020 website as from the start of the ATTD 2020 meeting. However, if you wish to pre-order a printed copy for EURO 65 you may do it during the registration process.

The 10TH YEARBOOK ON ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES & TREATMENTS IN DIABETES reflects the recent innovations in the treatment of diabetes, combining a selection of the most relevant published data from the very broad field with short key leaders' opinions. The ATTD2018 yearbook summarizes the most important articles in the field of diabetes technology, published during the period between July 2017 to June 2018.

Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. is the publisher of the ATTD Yearbook and Conference Abstracts.

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